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Appartment catalogue

F1.001* | 2+kk | 0. NP

area 60,2 m2 + 30,3 m2 terace

A spacious 2+kk unit with a calm orientation in to the private Chittussi park. Ideal as a company unit or second living unit for those living outside of Prague. The unit has a big terrace.

F1.002* | 3+kk | 0. NP

area 03,3 m2 + 65,5 m2 terace + 35,3 m2 garden

A ganereous 3.kk unit with a big storage capacity and oriented in to the greenery of the private Chittussi park, with a small garden and a big terrace that expands the storage capacity by another 100 m2

F1.003* | 2+kk | 0. NP

office 57,9 m2 + 57,7 m2 terace

A unit perfect for i.e. a nursing care office or a doctor’s office. The unit is oriented into the calm private park.

F1.101* | 2+kk | 1. NP

area 52,5 m2 + 23 m2 terace and balcony

A cozy unit with the 2+kk disposition with a calm placement and a view of the park. The unit has a beutiful terrace and a balcony oriented into the greenery.

F1.102* | 3+kk | 1. NP
41 047 925 CZK inc. Tax

area 131,6 m2 + 15,3 m2 terace and balcony + 137,8 m2 garden

A big 3+kk unit with an amazing interconnection with the exterior. The unit has a big garden and a bedroom with an en-suite bathroom and a view of the private Chittussi park.

F1.103 | 1/2+kk | 1. NP
11 181 750 CZK inc. Tax

area 29,9 m2 + 23,6 m2 terace + 44,1 m2 garden

A smaller appartment with a south orientation and spacious garden. Ideal as an appartment for business trips or second appartment for those living outside of Prague.

F1.104* | 1/2+kk | 1. NP
10 590 400 CZK inc. Tax

area 36,4 m2 + 22,4 m2 terace

Smaller, but cozy unit with a 0,5+kk disposition ideal for business trips and company clientel or as a second housing unit for those who often travel to Prague.

F1.201* | 3+kk | 2. NP

area 106,3 m2 + 12,5 m2 balcony

A unit with an interestingly solved 3+kk disposition in which a big living room dominates with a view of the Willy Brandt park and a private Chittussi park.

F1.202 | 2+kk | 2. NP

area 65,8 m2 + 17,8 m2 balcony

A bigger appartment in the 2+kk disposition oriented in to the sunny south side with a spacious balcony and enough storage room.

F1.203 | 2+kk | 2. NP

area 44,7 m2 + 5,4 m2 balcony

A cozy, south-oriented 2+kk appartment with a balcony, ideal for company housing or for starting out young proffessionals.

F1.204* | 3+kk | 2. NP
26 101 100 CZK inc. Tax

area 92,9 m2 + 13,2 m2 balcony

Appartment for a three person family with bedrooms oriented in to the quiet park, a sunny living room and a big balcony.

F1.301* | 5+kk | 3. NP
57 768 480 CZK inc. Tax
in negotiations

area 180,1 m2 + 33,6 m2 balconies

The bedrroms of this unit are oriented into the quiet private park, the living room is sun-soaked thanks to its south orientation. The office room provides a gorgeous view of the tree tops of the Willy Brandt park.

F1.302* | 4+kk | 3. NP
45 144 120 CZK inc. Tax
in negotiations

area 139,5 m2 + 18,4 m2 balcony

A big sunny unit with a south orientation and a view of Bubeneč provides an ideal place for a family life with a 4+kk disposition. The unit has two balconies.

F1.401* | 5+kk | 4. NP

area 186 m2 + 168,1 m2 rooftop terace and garden

This amazing penthouse offers a generous disposition of 5+kk and two unique big teraces with the option of installing a Whirlpool on one of them. The whole penthouse offers amazing views of the private park as well as of the rooftops of Bubeneč.

The price of the units includes garage parking, cellar and tax.

The price list is valid until a new price list is issued, and the developer reserves the right to change the price list at any time until a binding written reservation contract is concluded with the interested party.

The "In Negotiation" status is a non-binding pre-booking agreement valid for 5 days. It is possible to make another pre-reservation for such unit for a different interested party. However, the pre-reservation is not valid until the seller confirms by email to the prospect that the pre-reservation has been made.

* A unit of a social care facility and/or a unit for the housing of clients of a social care facility without the possibility to register for permanent residence. This unit may not meet the characteristics required for housing (or units comprising housing) and for the use of the unit,  additional restrictions may be imposed by the relevant regulations of the City of Prague, the use permit and/or administrative practice.