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Chittussi in Prague 6 is another unique project of the company Penta Real Estate. It is being created in Prague 6, this time in the diplomatic quarter Bubeneč. The modest size of the project and its unique location are key factors of the exclusivity of this house. Vila Chittussi will offer 13 flats with interesting dispositions in the highest standard – Platinum. There will be social care available in the house, which can be used by the owners of the social care units.

The project has been fully completed and approved and is prepared to move in.

The last available 1 flat remain in the menu.

In the diplomatic quarter

Bubeneč, the vila quarter being built since the second half of the 19th century by prominent Czech architects, houses many representative offices and you can find multiple embassies and the ambassador’s residences of countries from all over the world. Exactly here, close to the Willy Brandt park, near to the st. Gothard church, you will find the unique Chittussi project.

Near to Stromovka

Chittussi has its own private park that naturally connects to the Willy Brandt park. Flats in this house will therefore have private views of the park filled with tall trees and greenery. If you want to take a walk in the nearby „Královská obora Stomovka“, taking up the entire west side of Bubeneč, you are only three minutes away.

The highest standard

Exclusive equipment of all of the appartments in Chittussi brings the qualitative standard of the project to a completely new level. Chittussi offers not only well thought-through dispositions and generous exterior teraces but, more importantly, space that was created thanks to the knowledge of quality craftsmanship and the feeling for each detail.

Living surrounded by greenery
Living surrounded by greenery

We know how important the aspect of nature and greenery in the life of each individual is the same way that the landscape painter Antonín Chittussi knew it. See for yourselves how the close aproximity to the greenery and the view of the park makes each morning, workday and weekend better. Choose a flat that will best suit your needs.


Even if you tried going to a new restaurant, café or bistro every day, visited each shop and took a walk in a different direction, it would take you a very long time before you got to know all of Dejvice. Their lively atmosphere and the constant popping-up of new businesses with new ideas make them into a very unique and interesting part of Prague. Become a proud citizen of the ever-evolving Prague 6.

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